Delrin Bushings for the Aluminum Carrier
Included with all shifter kits where required
(does not apply to pre-1986 cars, E39 5-series, and some E46 3-series.)

Round Delring Bushings (pictured)

Carrier shown with stock rubber bushing.
Note undesirable rotation of 12.5 in either direction.

Carrier Pin

Also included with the delrin bushings is a new Carrier Pin.   This pin does not wear out but your original one may be at risk for breaking when removing it from the aluminum carrier.  We include a new one just in case.

You can eliminate the 25 degrees of carrier rotation (side-to-side movement of the aluminum shifter carrier) with our precision CNC'd UUC Motorwerks Delrin Carrier Bushings.   These precision machined bushings replace the original flimsy rubber bushing (which degrades over time) at the front of the aluminum carrier.  We have tried harder rubber and urethane but found them to be substandard and continued to allow the carrier to flex.

Because of the tight tolerances of a computer controlled milling machine, tolerances can be held to 0.001" (about the width of a human hair) to ensure a perfect fit.  We use only high quality, medical grade, teflon impregnated, heat resistant delrin for our bushings.  Sure, it's more expensive and overkill, but to us, using only the best makes the best product.

Installation requires the removal of the carrier, but is incredibly easy when installing the full Ultimate Short Shifter with ERK.